Meet Dr P.

Dr. Jon Porman has dedicated his life to helping others discover the difference between merely existing and truly living a Legendary Life!

He will inspire you to live your life's Legendary purpose!

Dr. P is more than just an inspiring, holistic doctor, he is a Legendary Leader and Healer of Souls.

"Why just do it? That denotes the bear minimum. When you 'just do it', you are existing in a Lie-f... Live A Legendary Life." - Dr. P

Legendary Leadership & Living Keynote Speaker

As a Legendary Leader and a Legendary Living Keynote Speaker, Dr. P is engaging, charismatic and inspirational. He shares compelling stories that will inspire you to take action and empower you to live a legendary life on a daily basis. Dr. P "sees" his audience and just how truly amazing they are as individuals. He knows we all have the ability to be legendary and he will inspire you to discover your purpose and be your Legendary self in this life. His energetic, uplifting message appeals to a wide range of audiences.

Engaging, charismatic and inspirational speaker
Empower you to live a legendary life
Discover your purpose and be your amazing self
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"I had the great fortune of meeting and speaking on stage with Dr. Jon at the National Resilience Institute's annual conference, and immediately I was drawn to him because he is so energetic and uplifting in spirit. This is exactly the type of man we need presenting to anyone looking for more in this life. He has become a personal friend and is such a loving and kind man. He truly "sees" you when he meets you. Even when he presents on stage you can feel his love for you and his desire to help you become more in your life. He truly is s gifted speaker. He will leave you wanting to learn more from him."
Dr. Tererai Trent
Oprah's #1 guest all-time

Legendary Leadership Development

Some of today’s most effective leaders focus on the positive attributes of their team members. They realize their team possesses enormous resources. And, that the team members are not the resources or a commodity. This validates the team member and their ideas which compels them to contribute more to the company's vision. In fact, the company’s mission is more easily accomplished when everyone feels they bring value to the company. The true legendary leaders take team members and give them a stake in the company’s success. They make the members feel valuable by asking for input and building a strong sense of team through training.
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Legendary Living™ Retreats

You will learn new tools and skills to accomplish things you never would have even attempted in the past. You will understand that Legendary Living™ is a path to create a life you believed was previously for others. During your retreat, you'll be excited as you create your vision for your future. At our Legendary Living™ Retreats, community is created as part of our process and is an important structural component that supports your success.

During and after your retreat, you'll integrate your vision into your life using the processes and principles you've learned, supported by your new community and the LLR teachers and facilitators. Legendary Living™ is a new way of feeling, thinking,  and acting. It's a template you will use in business, family, sports and personal relationships.

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"Legendary Living™ is not a once in a while thing,
it's an all the time thing."
- Dr. P

Dr. P's Personal Pledge To You

In every program we offer, I give you my word that we will create an atmospher where we will lay out a roadmap, excite you to take action, guide you during the process, and give you loads of information so you will create legendary success!