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Dr. P is far more than just a doctor. He is an inspiring holistic health and wellness professional, fully focused on service to others. He will help you eliminate the pain that is holding you back, heal more quickly, and discover what it means to LIVE Life more fully and completely.

HE will Inspire YOU to LIVE Your Life’s LEGENDARY Purpose!

Space-Age Technology Reduces Pain & Inflammation!

  • Are you tired of being “treated” for symptoms – instead of the causes of your ill health and discomfort?
  • Have you been forced to “accept” chronic pain as a “normal” part of your life?
  • Do you wish you could find a doctor that gets to the root of your problems and enables progress toward wellness?

Inflammation is the culprit in more illnesses than you can imagine. It is the cause of 90% of all pain, and can affect every area of your life, your ability to heal, and your overall sense of wellness.

However, once you get rid of the pain and inflammation – your body will begin the self-healing process it was designed for!

Introducing Targeted Frequency Therapy (TFT), a revolutionary holistic approach to reducing pain and inflammation.


Dr. P has been utiliing Targeted Frequency Therapy (TFT) technology now for 20+ years.  So whether he is working with the Olympic Track athletes he treats in China, a local high school athlete, or simply a mom that has hurt herself, he helps them all with State-of-The-Art technology that has been around for 23+ years.  Since he has been using his Targeted Frequency Therapy, he has been able to DISCOVER the Real Potential in his patients.

With TFT, he has helped world-class athletes with sports injuries that wouldn’t heal to non-athletes that were told to live with their condition because they had used all conventional methods.

Dr. P loves it when he sees a patient that others have been unable to diagnose the problem or fix the supposed issue.

The technology is utilized as a diagnostic, as well as a therapeutic intervention. And because 90% of all pain is associated with inflammation, Dr. P sees some truly remarkable results. And because he always asseses and treats inflammation first and foremost(if found), he gets a reduction in pain usually within minutes.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is your immune system’s reaction to injury, illness, or other malfunctions within the body, including: allergies, autoimmune problems, hormonal imbalance, weight gain (Yes, weight gain!) and a surprising variety of other illnesses.

Inflammation is also a major source of pain – up to 90% – and it can occur in any part of the body.

Dr. P’s holistic approach to healing the body and eliminating pain includes identifying the source of the pain and inflammation first, then moving on to other problem areas to help you heal more quickly, feel better daily, and discover what it means to LIVE Life more fully and completely.

How Does Targeted Frequency Therapy (TFT) Work?

By using SPECIFIC frequencies, Dr. P works to first reduce and/or eliminate inflammation and pain, and second to normalize range of motion and function, then finally to normalize strength and cardiovascular fitness. He utilizes TFT because he has consistently seen remarkable results in patients and at incredible rates of healing the past 20+ years.  The Targeted Frequency Therapy will possibly help you to:

  • Eliminate/Reduce Pain
  • Reduce/Eliminate Inflammation
  • Speed the Healing Process
  • Improve Sleep
  • Enable Your Body to Heal Itself Naturally
  • Improve Your Overall Feeling of Well-Being

A Bit More Detail about Targeted Frequency Therapy

Targeted Frequency Therapy uses a combination of frequency technologies. Each technology is applied directly to the skin via electrodes. The frequencies are transmitted through the nerves in the body. The nervous system picks up these frequencies, starting a self-healing and self-regulating process. By improving the nervous system signaling directly at the cellular level, the effect of the treatment is much faster and has remarkably lasting results.

This Revolutionary therapy is non-invasive and does not use any drugs, chemicals and the electrical frequencies are imperceptible to most people.

Instead, TFT presents a new “set” of frequencies for the nervous system.  The 2 electrical frequencies interact at the targeted tissue to normalize the muscles, nerves or organs  The therapy is painless and does not involve any sort of chemicals, or any organic material substances because it is simply electrical frequencies generated by a machine hat runs on batteries..

How Can Targeted Frequency Therapy (TFT) Help You?

From sports pain due to injury to chronic pain with an undiagnosed cause, Dr. P uses TFT to find the root cause of your distress, speed the healing process and reduce your symptoms.

He evaluates the whole body, for example: the skeletal alignment, firing of the muscles, integrity of the ligaments, nerves and their communication with body and brain; as well as the function of internal organs, diet, gait, and even sleep patterns. By assessing the full body, Dr. P is more likely to uncover the root cause of your problem, not just the symptoms. Along with you, Dr. P will develop strategies to improve the underlying causes – resulting in a better solution for recovery and injury prevention.

The Targeted Frequency offers a unique system to fine-tune the areas of your body that have been affected by inflammation and/or illness. The specific frequency used is based upon the signs and symptoms present during your assessment.

Dr. P knows that each tissue has it’s own frequencies.  And, that inflammation, congestion, irritations and even torn tissue respond to very precise frequencies and only those frequencies!

With TFT you can decrease inflammation, speed healing, increase muscle contractions, relax hypertonic muscles, and more. By allowing specific areas to communicate and function better than they were when they were dysfunctional, you will heal more quickly. TFT can also help send signals through the nervous system to improve interactions within muscle groups, organs, glands, and even the brain.

And, yes science has shown that every part of the brain has different frequencies associated with it.  For example, the forebrain and hindbrain have different frequencies that they respond to.

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  • I have known Dr. Jon for 9+ years and have seen him inspire my mother, my football team, their parents, and even myself to reach new levels of thinking and acting on a daily basis.  He is the real deal for sure.  He also is a man that walks the walk and not only talks the talk.  Anyone that interacts with him will not forget him because he is that dynamic and enthusiastic.

    Coach Steve Campbell Head Football Coach at Williams Field High School
  • I had the great fortune of meeting Dr. Jon at the National Resilience Institute's annual conference, and immediately I was drawn to him because he is so energetic and uplifting in spirit.  This is exactly the type of man we need presenting to anyone looking for more in this life.  He has become a personal friend and is such a loving and kind man.  He truly sees you when he meets you and even when he presents on stage you can feel his love for you and his desire to help you become more in your life.  He truly is s gifted speaker.  He will leave you wanting to learn more from him.

    Dr. Tererai Trent Oprah's #1 guest of all-time

Dr. P

LEGENDARY Performance Coach

Dr. P is far more than just a doctor. He is an inspiring holistic health and wellness professional, fully focused on service to others. He will help you make the “SHIFT”, to transcend disempowering beliefs and discover what it means to live fully and completely – with vision, purpose, and joy.

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

As an inspiring speaker, Dr. P always shares his positive outlook on life, success, and overcoming tragedy. He knows that there are two keys to conscious living –Purpose and Service – and he will energetically lead your audience toward making the “SHIFT” required to overcome limiting beliefs and lead a life of purpose and service, leading to increased happiness.


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