• I have known Dr. Jon for 9+ years and have seen him inspire my mother, my football team, their parents, and even myself to reach new levels of thinking and acting on a daily basis.  He is the real deal for sure.  He also is a man that walks the walk and not only talks the talk.  Anyone that interacts with him will not forget him because he is that dynamic and enthusiastic.

    Coach Steve Campbell Head Football Coach at Williams Field High School
  • I had the great fortune of meeting Dr. Jon at the National Resilience Institute's annual conference, and immediately I was drawn to him because he is so energetic and uplifting in spirit.  This is exactly the type of man we need presenting to anyone looking for more in this life.  He has become a personal friend and is such a loving and kind man.  He truly sees you when he meets you and even when he presents on stage you can feel his love for you and his desire to help you become more in your life.  He truly is s gifted speaker.  He will leave you wanting to learn more from him.

    Dr. Tererai Trent Oprah's #1 guest of all-time
  • I was so inspired by Dr. Jon’s presentation.  Thanks to him, I too will be setting my anchor in deeper waters! I was blown away with his passion and commitment to his message. As a former marine, athlete, a prominent sports doctor, Jon is uniquely positioned to deliver the raw emotion associated with his message as an incredible speaker that will stir you at your core. When you combine Jon’s toughness with his sensitivity to the reasons people sometimes struggle to overcome challenges, you wind up with a magical experience that inspires people to want to perform at higher levels, dig deeper when faced with challenges that appear impossible, see obstacles as opportunities, and live fully present in life's moments. Perhaps most importantly, Jon drives home the message that giving up is simply not an option because life is so worth living!! Oh my gosh, if you’re looking for someone you can bring into your organization to motivate and inspire your people, provide follow-up sessions and truly deliver on his promise of leaving everyone he encounters bigger than they were before he met them…then you simply cannot go wrong with hiring Dr. Jon Porman.

    Rick Petry Attorney & Motivational Speaker of 20+ yrs
  • Just when you think you can't try any harder or the world has got you down, Dr. Jon shows you that there is an infinite strength in all of us to overcome ridiculous odds, try harder, and set our goals higher. Jon makes you see you really are made of something special. I will remember this keynote because my team and I will definitely be setting our anchors in deeper waters now too. He has inspired me to think, dream and act BIGGER! Wow!

    Monica Tarr 20 Year Business Sales Consultant with Fortune 500 Companies
  • Dr. Porman is inspiring, enthusiastic, tough and yet such a powerful “soul touching” speaker.  I have been a super successful business woman and immediately saw the value he brought to this company. Wow! He will make you laugh, cry, feel inspired and wanna really live life like never before.  He captivated the audience and he lit up the stage with his presence.  You will walk away with a softer heart, a new vision of what's possible and a more invincible mindset.  He blew me away with his passion, compassion, and enthusiasm.  I feel so fortunate to have heard him today. I am looking forward to working with him on a personal level to help me find the greatness I know is hidden inside of myself too. He is truly remarkable.

    Val Neighbors (#1 Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, & Business Consultant to Multi-Million Dollar Companies