“Why Just Do It?… BE LEGENDARY!!”

– Dr. P

Dr. Jon’s Personal Pledge to You:

In every program we offer, I give you MY WORD that WE will CREATE an atmosphere where we will lay out a roadmap, excite you to take action, guide you during the process, and give you loads of information so You Will CREATE LEGENDARY Success!!

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LEGENDARY Keynote Speaking

As a LEGENDARY Keynote Speaker, Dr. P is Engaging, Charismatic and Inspirational. He shares compelling stories that will Inspire You to Take Action and Empower You to LIVE a LEGENDARY Life on a daily basis.

Dr. P “SEES” his audience and just how truly AMAZING they are as Individuals.  He knows we ALL have the ability to BE LEGENDARY and HE will Inspire YOU to Discover Your Purpose and BE Your AMAZING SELF in This LIFE.

His energetic, uplifting message appeals to a wide range of audiences: from large companies to small businesses; from worldwide corporations to non-profits; from CEO’s to individual entrepreneurs; for veterans and civilians; and for women and men alike.

As a LEGENDARY Keynote Speaker, Dr. P is always ready to share his positive outlook on Life, Success, and Thriving even during times of tragedy.  He knows that there are Two Critical Keys to LIVING a LEGENDARY LifePurpose and Service – both are conscious choices to LIVING and not merely existing.  He will eloquently describe other’s stories of overcoming personal tragedies and how they too Triumphed in the shadows of very difficult times.

His mission in EVERY presentation is to help his audience realize that “Life Happens For US, Not to US”.  That is when making the “SHIFT” it becomes possible to overcome our limiting beliefs and to LEAD a Life of Purpose, Service, Happiness, and Empowerment.

Dr. P KNOWS this:  “We All possess the State of Resilience that is needed to Triumph on a daily basis”.


LEGENDARY Leadership Development

Some of today’s most effective Leaders focus on the Positive attributes of their Team members.  They realize their Team is the largest asset they possess and that everyone is more likely to SEE the company’s Vision.  And in fact, the company’s Mission is more easily Accomplished when everyone feel they bring value to the company.

The true LEGENDARY Leaders take Team members and give them a Stake in the company’s Success.  They make the members feel valuable by asking for input and building a strong sense of Team thru training that will take their Team members from paycheck collectors to Share Stake Holders.

Dr. P’s LEGENDARY Leadership will Inspire our Leaders of today (and tomorrow) to CREATE or maybe even Re-Create their Vision and Mission that will in turn lead them to LEGENDARY Results.  He is Amazing at helping Transform Managers into Leaders and Administrators into Mentors.

In Your Journey in working with Dr. P, You will come to realize how truly Powerful YOU are! POWERFUL in Every aspect of Your LIFE– Business and Personal.


Transformational Success Coaching Programs

As a Chiropractic Physician and Transformational Success Coach, Dr. P understands the need for a holistic approach to wellness in today’s high-stress, high-speed world – an approach that focuses on whole-person wellness – rather than merely treating symptoms.

With this mindset and commitment to proactive wellness, he has dedicated his life and career to helping others discover the difference between simply existing – and truly LIVING Life!

“Each of us is born with an inner greatness – the benefits of coaching with our company is that your inner greatness is discovered and cultivated, expanding your thoughts of what is possible!  By crushing your limiting beliefs, you will attain the goals YOU Desire and Deserve!”  —Dr. P


LEGENDARY Health and Wellness Workshops

It’s time for most people to make The “SHIFT” in Their Life, to Transcend their limiting beliefs and the move away from unhealthy habits that have held them back for so long.  We ALL were meant for so much more.  The problem is that most could Never imagine themselves anything other than what their current state is.  Dr. P and his Team during the workshops will help YOU take control of Your health and witness what is Really Possible for Your LIFE!

Dr. P’s Legendary Health and Wellness Workshops are a First Step in the direction of Health.  His message of Health is for women, men, youth and adults who seek a LEGENDARY Life.

As a Holistic Health and Wellness Professional since 1995, Dr. P will help you discover what it means to Enjoy Wellness – in all areas of your life – with Enhanced Energy and Mental Clarity, as well as Increased Purpose, and Joy.  His approach is focused on Prevention and being Proactive.  And that’s where you gain control of your Health and LIFE again… Thru taking ACTION toward Health and Wellness Proactively.  Gone are the days of simply reacting to disease!


LEGENDARY Group and Individual Coaching Programs

As a LEGENDARY Life Coach, Dr. P understands the need for a Pro-Active, Action-oriented approach to Transcending our current state of beliefs in today’s high-stress, high-speed world..

With his mindset, a determined commitment, and an Action oriented approach, he has dedicated his life and career to helping others discover the difference between simply existing – and truly LIVING the LIFE we were ALL meant to LIVE!!

“Each of us is born with an inner greatness – the benefits of coaching with our company is that YOUR Inner LEGENDARY Greatness is discovered and cultivated, while expanding your thoughts of what is possible!  By crushing your limiting beliefs, YOU will Attain the goals YOU Desire and Deserve!” Dr. P


LEGENDARY Group Coaching Programs

Available periodically, Dr. P’s LEGENDARY Group Coaching Programs present you with the opportunity to engage with others who are working through many of the challenges you find yourself struggling to overcome. The support of others in your group will be a HUGE benefit to the Transformational process you are Committing to make.

LEGENDARY Individual Coaching Programs

Our LEGENDARY Individual Life Success Coaching Programs are available with Dr. P and his team. The personal Support, Accountability, and Empathy you will receive through Individual Coaching will Transcend any other coaching experience you may have had in the past.


LEGENDARY Holistic Wellness Program

The absence of symptoms does NOT mean you are healthy. In fact, disease can sneak up on you at any time. Although, you will recognize that the body does give us small clues we are not 100% healthy, yet most just ignore these warning signs of dis-ease.

As a LEGENDARY Practicing Holistic Chiropractic Physician, Dr. P knows that it is far easier to Maintain Health than it is to attain health.  His LEGENDARY Holistic Wellness Programs are designed to help you Attain and then Maintain Your NEW State of Health.  Using the latest technology available Dr. P will help you “Bridge” the gap from what you Believe is possible with your health…to KNOW what is truly Possible on a daily basis as far as your personal health is concerned!  Because you’ve been told misled about health and what you can do about it.  WE Will Show You!

“Each of us is born with the ability to heal ourselves, barring a catastrophic incident in our life.  Our Wellness Programs are designed to meet you where you currently are, then to show you what REAL HEALTH looks and feels like on a daily basis.  Because that is Exactly what we were ALL Meant for in this Lifetime!  So, when You work with US You will finally “cross” the bridge to Wellness!  Then, You will Attain the VISION of Health YOU Desire and Deserve!” – Dr. P