Where Does Health & Wellness Begin?

Neuro Frequency Therapy for Faster Recovery & Improved Healing

Turns out, inflammation is the leading cause of pain and illness in all human beings – about 90% in fact. That means health and wellness begins with recovery and healing, which begins by reducing or eliminating inflammation, if you hope to get to the underlying cause, that is.

To aid him in this vital task, Dr. P employs a revolutionary new technology. Literally a space age developed material that has unique approach to healing pain and injuries. This Neuro Frequency Therapy uses a combination of wearable devices to essentially “tune” the body into a more effective healing mode.

Dr. P was first exposed to this new and cutting-edge technology while working with the Chinese Olympic Track Team. Since then, Dr. P has been utilizing this technology the past 2.5 and has transformed the lives of hundreds of athletes and non-athletes alike.

From sports injuries to migraines, this technology has been, for many people, the final treatment used to eliminate the patient’s pain/inflammation.  They relate many times after meeting Dr. P and his staff, that they were resigned to live in pain and continued dysfunction if he could not help them.

Recovery from Sports Injuries

A lifelong athlete himself, Dr. P is heavily focused on helping other athletes recover from injury as quickly and painlessly as possible. Yet, he loves helping those people that everyone says they need to “learn to live with the condition.” While inflammation is your body’s natural response to a sports injury, as we all know, not much can be done until the inflammation and swelling goes down. Now though, with the use of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy Discs, recovery times are reduced as these devices work with your body’s nervous system to enhance the self-healing and self-regulating process.

ANF Disc Therapy aids in recovery from sports injuries by:

  • Reducing Inflammation Quickly
  • Eliminating or Reducing Pain
  • Facilitating Recovery from Injury
  • Speeding the Healing Process
  • Enabling Your Body to Heal Itself Naturally

By using these discs, Dr. P works to first reduce and/or eliminate inflammation and pain, and second to normalize range of motion and function, then finally to normalize strength and cardiovascular function.

Make the Move to Optimal Performance

Dr. P utilizes the ANF discs because he has consistently seen remarkable results in patients and at incredible rates of healing – helping injured athletes and supposed helpless patients move beyond “normal” to “optimal” performance and function!

Once your body has healed from injury, the use of ANF Discs also has a remarkably effective use as a prophylactic, for preventing injury and optimizing performance. This is possible because of the way in which the discs “speak” to your body’s nervous system.

ANF Therapy is non-invasive and does not require the use of any drugs or chemicals. The discs contain nothing but a thin, carbonized metal, carrying charged electrical frequencies. The ANF Discs transmit, reflect, and receive sub-threshold electrical frequencies into the neurological system that prepares tissue to heal itself and ultimately to perform at optimal levels.

The discs work by presenting a frequency for the nervous system to copy, enabling it to normalize the muscles, nerves, organs, and tissues when placed correctly. The disc helps “tune” the target area back to the right frequency, to stabilize/balance the cells for optimal function. They are painless, and do not involve any sort of chemicals, or any organic material substances.

From sports pain due to injury to chronic pain with an undiagnosed cause, Dr. P uses ANF Discs to either speed the healing process or to reduce the symptoms and find the root cause of your distress.

Still have questions about his remarkable healing technology? Click here to Contact Dr. P Today!

Still have questions about his remarkable healing technology? Click here to Contact Dr. P Today!

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